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"I had hoped to rise in triumph and recognition of my judgment—but instead, I find myself facing young fools and the offspring of ancient enemies. This is worse than disgrace. Only one other reason... one other provocation would make the Librarian revive me under these humiliating circumstances." -
  -The Didact shortly after being revived from his Cryptum.Edit

The Forerunners race were a highly advanced, ancient alien species. Their empire -which is known as Ecumene- was made of three million worlds in the Milky Way galaxy approximimately 100,000 years ago. The Forerunners were the creators of many significant installations, such as the Halo Array, The Ark, and other shield worlds. 

The Forerunners had taken up a role of being the gaurdians of the galaxy and believed that this "Mantle Of Responsibility" had been passed down to them from the Precursors, an even more powerful race that came before the Forerunner civilization. "Forerunner" is a translation of the species' own name for themselves; they identified themselves as that because they beleived they held a permanent place in the universe's Living Time and that at some point like the Precursors they would be succeeded by other, better races. Before their disapearance from the galaxy, the Forerunners named humanity as their successors, naming them with the title "Recaimer".

The war species the Covenant  worshiped the Forerunners, finding much of their technology from Forerunner artifacts throughout the galaxy, and believing that anyone who defaced the artifacts were Heretics.

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